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We develop efficient, stand-alone solutions to collect and process business data at scale.

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Big data adoption

Whether you are at the pre-MVP stage or have
a working prototype, we can help you defining data product requirements and functionalities.

Our teams of experienced software developers helped clients from all over the world by creating solutions for problems like predictions, classification, segmentation and anomaly detection.

Data at Scale

Being able to collect and process application events, user interactions or business data at scale is often the first step to building data-oriented products. It is important to be able to start quickly but plan for a system scaling as well.

Building on Scala and Java ecosystem expertise we use platforms like Apache Kafka, Cassandra and Spark to create big scale, highly performant data collection and transformation pipelines. Whether you are building prototype from scratch or want to move an existing solution to a web-scale production environment, we got you covered.

Case studies and Testimonials

To answer the needs,
we have delivered a
performant and resilient SMS platform, which can be scaled to meet future traffic demands, and evolved to include new features, to meet emerging business needs.

"With a very difficult development task with some very high benchmarks SoftwareMill has delivered a great result and done so very cost effectively."

Peter Humphries,

Executive Director

at Intelli Messaging.


Energy meets Big Data

We helped to build a big data system, capable of processing huge amounts of data daily and later analysing them using both statistical and machine learning methods.

We have implemented
a platform capable of processing and analyzing billions of data records in a timely manner.

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Big Data Back-end

Migrated the backend to Scala, provide continuous development
of new API endpoints used by iOS and Facebook applications. Implemented a recommender system which blends a number
of preference inputs.

Yap.tv went global (lots of data) with their social TV mobile application.

"Their development team is smart, fast and collaborative. They helped us pull off the impossible - in record time!"

Trevor Stout

Founder & CEO at yap.tv

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Agile Scrum


& Final Accept

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